The audio test

Not the most interesting post Ive made but I have started testing out upgrades to my sound quality. step1- test a cheap usb mic, ie GHWT step2- research better usb mics, ie Condenser mics step3- research proper quality mics step4- research sound proofing, deadening etc So step 1 is done and I think i can get better sound already with what I have but I can still do more to improve even that. Im still aiming for an NT1a plus Interface (2i2 is looking good) but may have to go for a cheap usb Condenser as the next step. Expect an update when it happens

Episode 44 - 2023 and Critical role

 A quick look at 2023 and a few highlights followed by a discussion of Critical Role and their RPGs via Darrington Press Podcast Interesting...