Episode 43 - DnD CC BY

After a torrid few weeks/months, the rpg community got some potentially good news yesterday (27/1/23).

DnD Beyond made an announcement re the DnD SRD and OGL, with the option to use the contents of the SRD under CC BY. The exact ramifications of this need to be worked out but right now this looks like a positive move and will begin repairing the damage caused by Hasbro's disastrous plans to move to One DnD and OGL 2.

Episode 43

The DnD Beyond announcement


The SRD 5.1 CC BY 4L pdf



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Episode 42 - OGL drama

Episode 42 - A look at the Hasbro/DnD drama that has consumed the online RPG community recently. The safe harbour of the OGL is now in doubt and it could be that ORC becomes the new banner that folks flock to. Will the community forgive and forget or is DnD on a slow decline?

Investor Statement

"The one thing I would add is when you think about Dungeons & Dragons Beyond and it being the premier digital tool set, it gives us a great opportunity to expand both internationally, but also the tools and capabilities we give all of our players, it's going to give us a wonderful opportunity to monetize more of our player base than the Dungeon Masters that we are monetizing today."


The DND beyond statement re OGL 1.1

Be aware that the version that is live on the page is different from the version first posted and is subject to being edited. So comments about it could be based on an earlier version


Video re the OGL statement


The Thermocline tipping point




OGL saved DnD


Copyright and games


News about the OGL drama


Phd thesis on the OGL


Episode 44 - 2023 and Critical role

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