Episode 35 - 2016 musing and reflection

I ramble on about Games Workshop and Kickstarter as I reflect on 2016, mostly raging re KS exclusives and my regrets on not backing games that funded or shipped in 2016



Episode 34 - Holmes

A quick update and a reading to celebrate the first publication of a Sherlock Holmes story.
I do have the reading as a separate audio file for a project i have in mind


My Plans for 2016

Spend time on TMP, Beasts of War and explore using G+ and Twitter more.

Actually get a proper plan to go to Essen for 2017

Look at getting a sweet Nvidia 1080 card

Record more Youtube and Podcast stuff

Sell a load of games and focus on a smaller higher quality set of Games

Paint some of my Minis mountain

Return to my games in Design and released and look at tweaks and proper publishing options

Play some RPGs


Episode 28 - Kingdom Death Monster Introduction

I managed to find some audio for Episode 28.  So I recorded it and have uploaded it for your enjoyment. The Introduction for Kingdom Death- Monster



Episode 29 - OWG

Im not dead
Im feeling better

A quick hello and some plans for the future, I blather on about Osprey Games whilst I struggle to read up on some books to talk about in more depth


E28 may have got lost - ill see if I can find it

Episode 44 - 2023 and Critical role

 A quick look at 2023 and a few highlights followed by a discussion of Critical Role and their RPGs via Darrington Press Podcast Interesting...