Episode 24 Gen Con 2012

I talk about Gen Con 2012 in my latest Episode
FFG had an amazing display but of course others were there who deserved coverage.

You Tube has a lot of cool coverage-
Team Covenant, The Dice tower , Blue Table Painting, Beasts of War and others

Very sad to hear that Neil Armstrong passed away, an amazing man who seemed content to stand out of the spotlight of fame. To me he is a legend, deserving massive respect unlike some modern so called famous people. A true hero and a massive source of inspiration.


Episode 23

AKA Episode 22 was an extended cut DLC for those followers of the first 21 shows. The old v1 show is dead, long live v1.

Blogger is the new home for my podcast going forward, starting with the Mice and Mystics excerpt published the other day. Show 24 is in progress- from now on file names will be more user friendly, I will for now look into old games I already have plus Im looking for sponsors/donations/review copies etc

Episode 21

Episode 21 was all about Mass Effect

Episode 20

Episode 20 was all about random stuff

Episode 19

Episode 19 was all about Warmachine

Episode 18

Episode 18 was all about Essen and Gamecrafter

For a US view of the UK game sector maybe try d6 podcast


An interesting show by d6 Generation podcast- featuring Norbert who is a top bloke who recently moved over here from the US (about an hour in)


Episode 22- Mice and Mystic Prologue

Yes I mucked up so Episode 23 is in fact Episode 22 but never mind. I am working on Episode 24 which will be all about Gen Con 2012 and stuff Im wanting to spend my imaginary money on.

This Episode is in fact the first part of the Prologue to Book One: Sorrow and Remembrance "Bedtime for Tip" from the sexy new Mice and Mystics board game. I have read the first few paragraphs and added some ambient wind effects. Its my idea for making an mp3 library to play during the game. So what do you think??

Grab the pdf for the rules and the first story chapter from Plaid Hat games 

Episode 22

New Episode idea

Well blogger may be having its first direct episode!! I blame GenCon....recording should start next week


Episode 17

Episode 17 was all about a noob taking on ASL...again!!

Episode 16

Episode 16 was all about a noob tackling ASL

Episode 15

Episode 15 was all about Mantic and Dwarf Kings Hold

Episode 14

Episode 14 was all about me ranting like only a gamer can

Episode 13

Episode 13 was all about Random Gibberish

Episode 12

Episode 12 was all about Monsterpocalypse

Episode 11

Episode 11 was all about Fire and Fury the fab ACW rule set

Episode 10

Episode 10 was all about Post Gen con

Episode 9

Episode 9 was all about Gen Con 2010

Episode 8

Episode 8 was all about Gee dubb ya

Episode 7

Episode 7 was all about D&D
Sadly I couldn't fit everything in and I may need to revisit this show at some stage

Episode 6

Episode 6 was all about Xmas greeting

Episode 5

Episode 5 was all about Miniatures

Episode 4

Episode 4 was all about Retro Gaming

Episode 3

Episode 3 was all about Command and Colors Ancients This and Wings of Wars (aka Wings of Glory) seem to be by most loved shows


More episodes to be uploaded to blogger over the next few days

Well I have uploaded Episodes 0 to 2 and it seems to be working. So i just need to see how I can update everything from libsyn to the new setup! Then its of to BGG to get that all sorted as well.

Fingers crossed that I dont have a brain melt down

Episode 2

Episode 2 was all about Wings of war

Episode 1

The first full episode discussing Carcassonne

Episode 0

The first test episode Episode 0 the test recording

Welcome to Blogger

Hello and welcome to what I hope will be the new home for the UK Gamers Podcast. The show has currently run for 22 episodes and has an irregular update on various news items and points of interest. I try to cover war games, board games, role playing games and video games- I do however have a soft spot for miniatures! Going forward in 2012 and beyond I hope to use Blogger and a file server to keep the show ticking over. I am open to offers/bribes of 1,000,000,000 Quatloos

Episode 44 - 2023 and Critical role

 A quick look at 2023 and a few highlights followed by a discussion of Critical Role and their RPGs via Darrington Press Podcast Interesting...