Episode 41 - A reading of The Rats in the Walls by H P Lovecraft

 For Halloween I have done a reading of The Rats in the Walls by H P Lovecraft. I have changed the name of the cat to Midnight but otherwise left the story as is.


Episode 40 - Anniversary edition

In this Episode I chat about my RPG plans for 2022 and celebrate other 40th anniversaries; namely 1981's DnD B/X and 1982's Call of Cthulhu

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House of the Exorcist

House of the Exorcist - Bart Wynants | DriveThruRPG.com 

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Episode 39 - That which is dead can eternal lie


Well Covid 19  rather interfered with my gaming plans, but it did act as a huge nudge to get role playing back up and running. A lot of my gaming has thus been steam based board games and online rpgs. This Episode talks about some of the things that have been going on since my last release.

Eclipse v1.5 update


Collaborative Adventure 'House of the Exorcist'


Tech (includes my play through of Detroit on PS4)


Tabletop gaming


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I recently started hacking the Dee Sanction to play a Tekumel game. In preparation I recorded, a while back, a Reading of the Man of Gold that you might enjoy.


Welcome to 2022, I hope to bring you more stuff this year as I have almost finished my studies. To catch up on what I have been doing you can check my youtube channels and my Patreon.

Episode 44 - 2023 and Critical role

 A quick look at 2023 and a few highlights followed by a discussion of Critical Role and their RPGs via Darrington Press Podcast Interesting...