Episode 22- Mice and Mystic Prologue

Yes I mucked up so Episode 23 is in fact Episode 22 but never mind. I am working on Episode 24 which will be all about Gen Con 2012 and stuff Im wanting to spend my imaginary money on.

This Episode is in fact the first part of the Prologue to Book One: Sorrow and Remembrance "Bedtime for Tip" from the sexy new Mice and Mystics board game. I have read the first few paragraphs and added some ambient wind effects. Its my idea for making an mp3 library to play during the game. So what do you think??

Grab the pdf for the rules and the first story chapter from Plaid Hat games 

Episode 22

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  1. Think this is currently my most popular posting, I got trumped by a Hollywood star on recording it all, donated money to Charity - classy guy


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